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Hack Your Tax

Radical Tax Planners

Tax Preparation and Full-Service Accounting Services

At Hack Your Tax, we provide customized accounting services and consulting for the needs and goals of you or your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in need of financial advice while starting up your business, an established business owner wanting to reach new financial and growth goals, or an individual looking for the best tax plan for you and your family, our team is here to help. We provide a full range of accounting services tailored to the best interests of each client, covering everything from tax preparation and tax compliance to bookkeeping, financial planning, business management, and more.

Personal Tax Filing Services

We know tax filing, financial planning, and budgeting can be complicated or daunting processes. Our focus is on reducing the stress involved, saving you money, and ensuring the accuracy of your tax filings. That’s why we offer individualized personal accounting services, helping you manage your money and time more effectively.

Tax Preparation

At Hack Your Tax, we help Families and Businesses to create the results you deserve. You work hard to support your family, and we are obsessive about teaching you how to get the best return from every dollar you earn. With our unique Proactive Tax planning approach, we help you keep more of what you earn by constantly looking for legal and ethical ways to reduce your taxes. Most tax preparers and online tax filers merely report the news. We strive to continually create the news. We are redefining what CPA means, by creating Continuously Proactive Advice.


Joe owns a computer technology company. While he is in an expert in his field, keeping the books is not his forte. With the stress of payroll, sales tax and more; Joe is missing out on time with his family. Cue the Hack Your Tax team – Joe has been able to run his business with confidence and assurance. Hack Your Tax handles the taxes and gives Joe a report with easy-to-read numbers and results. With a reliable CFO, Joe has earned more money and has gotten his time back. Meet the Hack Your Tax team today and see how we could improve your life and your business.


Financial Reporting

From bank statements to analytical projections, financial reports define your business and tell its story and its future. We make that story accurate, clear and timely so you always know where you are and where you’re going. Running a company can be challenging, that’s why the team at Hack Your Tax wants to makes sure that they provide you with all the key tools to run a long and successful business. We pride ourselves in accuracy and assure you that our financial reports are an essential factor in your company’s success.


Claire is a hard working lawyer that is struggling a bit financially. Cash flow is tight; profit margins are not where they should be. The expert team at Hack Your Tax took on the accounting, giving Claire her time back to do what she does best. With the correct numbers, Claire can see exactly where her costs are going, and how to improve her cash flow and profits. Our no surprise tax service gives Claire peace-of-mind as she knows exactly what her tax refund will look like. Our clients just rave about our service level, and love the proactive tax planning that we provide.


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